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The WeMe compilation celebrating their 10 year anniversary has been released today. It's up for pre-order on vinyl on the WeMe site http://www.mewelesite.be/

Tracks by CN, Global Goon, Der Zyklus, Ceephax, Leyland Kirby, DJ Stingray, DMX Krew, MNLTH and more.


You can also download it on bandcamp - it's free to download just today (August 15th)


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congratulations on your anniversary, weme!


some comments on the compilation: it's not as awesome as their other releases (the der zyklus track might be gd's worst) but hey, more electro music is always welcome!

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really? lol EOD thought it was just today too. haha

lol, I thought I read it through Fred WeMe or CN's page, not sure. Thanks for correcting :)


Agree with Franciscus that the Der Zyklus track is a bit meh, but the rest is great so far (haven't listened all the way through yet, I mainly got stuck listening to that CN track).

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