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Hieroglyphic Being And The Configurative Or Modular Me Trio - The Seer Of Cosmic Visions


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October 2014 - Planet Mu - ZIQ349


01. The Seer Of Cosmic Visions

02. How Wet Is Ur Box
03. Space Is The Place
04. Letters From The Edge
05. A Genre Sonique
06. The Human Experience
07. 134340 Pluto
08. Calling Planet Earth
09. Strange Signs In The Sky




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cool!!! this guy has a lot of shit, some of it is shit, some of this is amazing -- let's hope mike can do the ekoplekz thing and curate the work into something cohesive and powerful. there are a ton of his CDs at a dance music warehouse I saw recently for quite cheap -- but i didn't know which ones to grab.


Will definitely be getting this! Thanks bambi!

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Really curious about this one, I saw him live after Autechre and Swans last month and that was... weird. As in, it was the most normal Chicago acid house set you could imagine. I expected some way freakier stuff based on what I read about him, and the samples from this one (which sound really interesting, so I'm buying this regardless)

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