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Still the best album from 2010-2020

is  CN - NU

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Guest ledouxca

God you guys can be a bunch of wieners sometimess. This track is wonderful as all hell. Even more excited to ear the rest of it now.(And mixed / mastered impeccably, everything sounds wonderful, especially those drums)


The waveform looks fine, it's not like a brick walled fly lo track, chill.

Woah oh woah, just listen to dat music

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Guest jasondonervan




Major lol, I really hope we see three checkmarks


n Minehead..... check thats shit



coolandfrank did the bizness with sniffing out Minehead, hence non-inclusion here. I'm quietly confident we'll get a clean sweep though :cool:

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i am confusyro in the best legal drukqs way ever


i played the wav's on my analsystem and my eyeballs flipped back by the subdrones and the mushroom waves


this is new aphex twin

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Minipops has definitely been mastered to be "loud". Quite a bit of squaring of the peaks when you look at it but my ears haven't tired of it so far. I wonder if the vinyl has been mastered differently. As a comparison here's what Read For The Dead looks like, none of the peaks ended up clipping: UYJ9pTH.png

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my hunch for the final track comes from the musical phrasing; Ana sta si a.

that said, The record will come out, I'll be wrong, and look like a rite c___

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I guess my Drukqs revisionism desires will be unfulfilled. The fact that someone would say there were no "wtf" moments on that album makes me really question how much they understand about music (not just electronic music, music in general).

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naysayers can go fuckemselves quite frankly.


we've all here spent sunday mornings googling new Aphex, whilst enjoying a renaissance of autechre, a formidable return from boards of canada, clark being clark, and wisp, lone, Richard Devine, and tipper, (to my mind) picking up the slack. oh, and chaircrusher's Brostep album.

s'a good time to be alive, people.

drink it up.

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