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New Talking Heads 5.1 downmixes

dr lopez

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I just got back from a hilarious live screening of Stop Making Sense in which I was dancing next to Michael Shannon... lol a bit surreal tbh.


ANYWAY - it reminded me to share this guy's efforts with WATMM talking heads fans aka fans of amazing music.


If you're like me, the availability of the remastered talking heads albums is depressing - and listening to the 80s cd rips is as equally unpleasant. But if you do have the TH dualdiscs, the CD remasters are brickwalled and not actually good. and the 5.1 mixes are great but DVDs are lame and don't work if you don't have a 5.1 system. So "Sharoma" just completed his 7 year project of downmixing the 5.1 remasters to stereo FLAC of every (!) TH release! and they're available on youtube. They sound amazing if a little unfamiliar to me. The Great Curve was not the full on blast that I'm used to - seemed more human. Houses in Motion kills however.


tl;dr version: talking heads now sounds awesome - with incredible clarity and quality. A must listen!



a sample of remain in light ->>


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Oh my God

The Great Curve is one of my favorite rock tracks ever. This version - may as well be a whole new rendition - is blowing me the fuck away. I gotta listen to the rest of this very soon

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I'll have to check this out. I remember being impressed by the 5.1 mixes at my friend's house. The original records sound pretty amazing though, imo.

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It's crazy how much better these sound than the original or other remastered versions! If only all remasters were treated with this level of respect and care.

it's true --- on my sennheisers these blow me the fuck away.


however I had speaking in tongues on in my car and it was a little weird just because the stereo separation is so severe

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