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By now most peeps should have their copies/downloads. So whatcha think?


Sublime stuff imo, a more chilled out companion piece to the more energetic tracks on Chewed Corners. I wish it was longer. :/


Rimmy + Smeester are the standouts to my ears. The bit in Smeester where it's just the bass synth + drums = ♥



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I don't know if it's my shitty entry level monitors, but smeester and parts of rimmy sound like they are clipping a lot off these mp3's. Some good tunes on here nonetheless.

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Guest Radioactive Mind

Very good and very soundtrack-ish, I'm always imagining which tracks should be laid over certain scenes. Like PRG is just "OMG we're in space!", Rimmy sounds like the credits of an OVA, and Smeester is what plays when the hero is exploring some god-forsaken cavern somewhere. I like.

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Interesting EP, very much in the vein of Chewed Corners, a nice companion. Very light-hearted. Sometimes I miss his darker days tho. I was one of the few to love Duntisbourne when it came out. I doubt he will ever go back to that kind of dark atmosphere.

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I have this on the way (another great birthday gift: I'm a lucky guy to have so many people who love me and buy me the great music I ask for!), and after receiving and listening to "Chewed Corners", "XTEP" and "Weird Drift", I'm looking forward to getting this very much. Not listening to it until I have the vinyl on my turntable, to savor it (like I did with the other Paradinas et al. releases).

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