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Backround talking @ "Metz Track"


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Right at the beginning of the youtube recording at 0:33 you can hear someone say in german " ich glaube er hat die Kamera liegen lassen, unglaublich " which translated is " I think he left the camera... unbelievable " half a minute later you can hear them talk again and then someone shouts out some annoying sound that sounds like "mannnnn or fuUuck or wuaaaarg"

I have listened so often to this youtube clip who the fuck stole his cam???

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Ich höre auch nur unverständliches Gelaber. Bin mir nicht einmal sicher ob das deutsch, oder doch französisch oder niederländisch ist. Ist doch eigentlich auch egal oder? Ich bezweifle, dass so ein paar Konzertbesucher irgendwas interessantes zu sagen haben. :D

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Sei nicht Arschlöche bitte, auf Englisch!

Trust me, nothing we said was worth understanding, but I agree, I'll speak english next time ;)

In case you still wanna know:



jlobkob: "I think you miheard that, you need a lot imagination to hear him saying "ich glaub er hat die kamera liegen lassen"."

Cheese Gonzales: "Normally I'd be the last one to understand lyrics correctly, but listen closely, in this case I'm almost certain."

me:"I only hear incrompehensible drivel as well. I'm not even sure if it's german, french or dutch, but does it matter? I doubt those people have anything interesting to say."


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