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tumblr that spots the original pictures from classic album covers


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That's a 23 year old hipster's record collection right there.


Also, who would have believed that the Rubber Soul cover was based on a photo of the Beatles?


OK, I'll drop the cynicism for a while.

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Yeah some are cool but some are really...predictable. Like that one : http://artofalbumcovers.tumblr.com/post/81438819719/david-bowie-the-next-day-2013-from-the-cover

posted on 01/04/14


with the subheading "Happy April Fool's Day"



Holy crap I was just looking at the archives without being very attentive...my bad then !

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Never knew the Clash album at http://artofalbumcovers.tumblr.com/page/97 was styled after Elvis Presley's first album http://artofalbumcovers.tumblr.com/post/91594429650/elvis-presley-self-titled-1956-from-a


Pity about the tumblr format, this is one where it's be great to see the original and album art side by side instead of having to scroll every time. But I spent a good hour looking through over 100 of these, awesome find Idore.

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Cool tumblr- thanks!


Ze tumblr reminded me that Grace Jones used to look incredible and iconic and IDM as fuck. Also reminded me that I listened to a Grace Jones album many times, and it felt like parody of singing and music-- OR, it was ultra high level IDM shit.


Being that the universe actually goes both ways, it's nice to think that some of these people and places exist, because they were based on album covers.

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