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Most know by now that there's official album art featuring a list of the gear purportedly used in the making of Syro:




And a spreadsheet version that shows what goes on which track: https://docs.google....6S9GnEU/pubhtml


But what exactly is all that gear?


Here is a youtube playlist featuring demonstrations of almost all the equipment listed. The only ones omitted were rare modules, microphones, pre-amps and EQ's that weren't available on youtube, but they are all legitimate devices, searchable through google.



Something to look through for your christmas shopping, a help to guess what might have gone where on the album, or just an opportunity to gawk at the best synthesizer and audio hardware on the planet.


Thanks to Hexahedral for transcribing the list into plain text and adding the spreadsheet version.


I might also warn you that reviewing this unreal list, device by device, might lead to a severe case of gear lust; side-effects include envy, depression, madness. Talk it out here.

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Such an interesting list. Conspicuous absence of well known gear like the 808, 909, Jupiters, Junos, MS20, 101, 202, 303, etc. Lots of euro. It's interesting to see that he's still using some of his old school gear like the R8 and DX100 as well. How do you mod a digital synth, anyway?


I'm actually pleased to see "plugins" listed(though I'm not seeing a DAW anywhere?). I really have a soft spot for his computer music days in the late 90s, and am hoping to hear a bit more of that on SYRO.


I'm just trying to imagine all that gear(and what isn't mentioned!) in a single room. The roof would have its own weather patterns!

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the gear that seemed most intriguing to me was 2 unique digital synths, a later period and the most powerful fm synth Yamaha ever put out Yamaha FS1r and an additive synthesizer the Kawai K5000r (a rack mounted version of the regular K5000).

shit he has a Jomox Sunsyn too! didn't notice that

the only thing i'm surprised he doesn't have is the preenFM or sammichFM

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The 808 is there, that was a typo in the transcription.. There's no jupiter but an MKS70 which is like a rack JX10. A lot more digital samplers and synths than I expected, although they're of the classic/rare kind. I agree that the absence of classic powerhouse synths is apparent, but a lot of immensely powerful stuff is there. A lot of "one guy makes it from scratch" hardware, possibly to help boost sales.


I can't get my head around what a studio with that gear would look like, he reportedly has it split up into three separate studios, but some of the youtube video studios featuring just a fraction of these rarities already look dizzying.

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Guest capitan mission

he wouldnt list a DAW because everybody will go and download it.... and he isnt sponsored. in the other hand the hardware isnt easy to go a buy it, you have to pay for it. and if you go and buy it, better for an industry in bad times.

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Sound devices 722 gets a workout.


Also, i like how he remembers which stuff he used on tracks which were built a few years back, without having it all in a DAW to remind him when he made this list. Perhaps he wrote it up as he went. "people are going to want to know". I'm talking about devices that aren't immediately apparent via playback of course. Then again he knows his studio(s), and i don't want to get stoned like a pariah for not being a believer or whatever.



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Guest capitan mission

not buchla? maybe in next more experimental albums

i can imagine that he writes down how he made tracks (equipment, scales, etc), i do that anyway...

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i feel like itd be kinda lame to buy anything just because someone mentioned it on their gearlist but that's me


i'm guessing he had pretty specific reasons he bought a lot of that stuff, or at least specific ideas of the kinds of things he could do with it when he got it.


assuming the whole list isn't a huge troll to get people to buy all those things, thinking they'll sound more like him after they do, while he laughs reading this thread


not trying to be a dick but i feel like it makes more sense to come up with your own gear collection that may be as esoteric/unique as some of his, but for your own reasons and your own uses, than to try to acquire a chunk of his specific collection. just my opinion tho

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with even 10% of that gear, my brain would be done in. Fuck.


Cool that he's showing that stuff off. He said himself he likes to see what goes into things, not just the final product, maybe this is his way of doing that for people like him who would guess as to what equipment is used to make his and others music

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Guest Chesney

I have literally none of that gear (I think) and i'm so glad of it. Happy with my quirky setup and so should everyone else be with theirs.

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Guest BunnyRabbit

When I saw the first artwork I was hoping he would go the whole way and list his gear.


I assume this is a sample of his gear and he changes set-ups all the time. And we know he's got some other goodies.


Interesting to see the bank mentioned - anyone know when it was flattened? Also the lodge. I wonder how big his house is? Could it have it's own lodge? I like to think of him in a mansion sized place. Full rock-star.


Did he skate over most of the modular stuff because of that leaked picture? Probably just a space thing...

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