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new Korg Electribes

Rubin Farr

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I love Korg, and I love my blue box as well. Mainly because it was purchased used, and inexpensive. $550 seems pricy. But similar to my now eleven year old MicroKorg, this new box runs on batteries, which really gets my attention.

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That's not how you use headphones.

lol, he feels the bass thru the temple.



This looks way less fun than the old ones. Looks all small and not as well laid out. I love how bulky and stupid the old ones are, you have pretty much every parameter jammable in sequence, if not, you can do a lovely motion sequence and work the rest out by hand on the next take. I love my bluebox. I use it in tracks all the time and have my friends convinced some of the sounds come from old analog gear, it's well lush. The tubes are broken to shit and the gain out of them is just raw, running instruments thru the audio in gives them the feeling they are alien and decimated.


the fuck korg.

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Yeah these look a bit crunched and tiny but I guess the functionality will be expanded massively. The Live integration is an amazing idea though I don't use that particular software. Need more details.

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