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hey beebs

i liked the noisy ambience at the start, & when you initially began to move away from that I thought I was going to be disappointed for a minute. But then the beat elements drop in so smoothly that I have no problem with it. Like the introduction of the boomchickachickachicka at 0:31 feels like a completely natural progression, with none of that awkward "well okay i guess i need to put a beat under my synthesizer noodling" thing electronic music sometimes does


By comparison the main plinking synth line feels kinda jarring when it comes in, and in a not bad way actually. It's like the beat & the pads form this sort of impressionistic nightscape with their consistent rhythm/harmonic, and that one synth is like a character acting out in that environment.


I was picturing some big ponderous square bassline popping in at any minute, but idunno that may have made it more of a dance track & less of a vibe track


I like the bit when all the elements start dropping away & you have a minute to focus on that weird little hihat sound

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Hey guys! thank you so much for your replies! especially cryptowen. this is my first house track ever and i feel like this is going somewhere. i mean it's been fun to write stuff like that. tomorrow i'm gonna start a tune with 808 bassdrums again. cheers and thanks for listening!

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Very chilled, the way the song builds to the climax is natural and subtle and I like that. Only criticism is it sounds to me a bit heavy on the low mids.

Hope to hear more like this from you!

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