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Various Artists - Virtual Urban Aphex

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Before we all knew about SYRO, Virtual Urban Records had been planning a cover/tribute album in honor of the almighty AFAX TWENS.


Well, it's now available over at the VUR bandcamp page. Personal highlights are Face Cullers interpretation of Minipops (created via the many live sets we've seen, before we all knew what it would sound like) along with Iconic Black Suit's and Mopfunk's Analord covers.


Sadly, due to licensing issues there's no preview on Bandcamp, however you can stream the previews of the album on soundcloud


VUR decided to pay the extra $$ for streaming licenses, so you can now preview it:




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The only thing, browsing through these soundclouds is the minipops recreation, which was one of the earlier (and to me most convincing) fakes on youtube. I really like that 303 part! very original interpretation. I was hoping the real deal would be a bit like that.

Those Analord covers are all right, but I don't see any use covering (recreating) electronic music unless it's in a completely original way.

The rest sounds pretty cheap imho.

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