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New Cylob track!


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New Cylob track "Spy World" announced on a recent radio mix Ed DMX was on for the Power Vacuum label. It will apparently be on the new Vectors compilation.


Check the soundcloud link at 1:25:35 to hear the track...very tasty!




Does this mean a new EP or album is in the works??! I hope so! I miss Cylob. <3

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He suffers from hearing loss that prevents him from *playing gigs*, not making music.


After listening to a bit of non private and the track in the OP, I'm not so sure :emotawesomepm9:


(Also big fan of Ambient News and earlier Cylob offerings, just not really feeling this. At all)

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Cylob is the man.. Bounds Green, Formant Potaton and Cylobian Sunset.. Love em!

Lithpipes and flicklife are 2 tracks that always gives me goosebumps!

Yea this new track is really nice :)

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Some years ago i first heard a track of his, after buying an aphex singles collection cd titled '55/13'.


Ventolin (Cylob Mix)


It had it all and was a shock to my system.

For me nothing can encompass the term braindance better.

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