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    • By PhylumZunami
      yo wuzzup. i was practicing some live noise performing this afternoon and took this section from a larger jam and thought it was p heavy and maybe any of you into merzbow n the likes will enjoy it
      lots of distortion and live "glitching" if you will
    • Guest
      By Guest
      I have a Turbo Rat and I'm contemplating getting one or two more distortion pedals for my setup. What do you guys like to use on drum machines and 303-type stuff? An obviously broad question, but I'd like some insight. I keep looking at some cheap pedals at the pawn shop with interest.
    • By ambermonke
      Not my latest creation...one of my earliest, in fact. This is a recording of my running a Roland TR-606 through a distortion pedal and a cigarette box amplifier back in 1999.
      Also, I would like to thank Sweepstakes for recovering this antique.
    • Guest bitroast
      By Guest bitroast
      After seeing so many threads and photos of bad looking burgers that look nothing like the advertised product, I thought it was time to start a thread with photos of what your fast food/junk food looks like.
      Here's my Double Quarter Pounder /w Cheese from yesterday. It's not even advertised or pictured on any of the menus so it looks better than the advertised promo photo by default.

    • By sup

      so bk stackers say there stackers are $1 for each slice of meat so its like the double stacker is 2 dollars and tripple is 3 dollars and single is 1 dollars. but why dont you just buy 2 the bk single stacker its $1 and take the meat and cheese of and put it ano the other. its the same price and you get a extra bun? does bk think where idiots??
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