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ULTRADEMON (Rephlex) YouTube Session

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I'd love to have a conversation about nutrition with Albert. He seems into it, and very inline with supporting the denial of pretty substantial information concerning the benefits of fat in your diet. Lots of points the dude made in the last video can be explained scientifically/nutritionally. And please son about all high fat enthusiasts taking modafinil. Modafinil is more about pushing yourself further than your naturally supposed to be able to. Not really about making up the difference between the supposed cognitive benefits of high carbs vs the detriments of low carbs. But ultimately a couple of the nutritional videos are reductive, because they don't form their argument around understanding the VERY complicated issue of nutrition. And no offense meant at all, but Albert looks like he suffers from some nutritional deficiencies, and could probably benefit from some supplementation/dietary alterations. (I'd start by recommending vitamin D) But I totally agree people should eat the fuck out of whole foods as much as possible. Veggies all the time. I've even considered eating vegetarian just because it will force me to get all the nutrients I can easily neglect, because I can sustain my calorie intake much more conveniently using fats and meats. I personal function better with lower carbs mentally, but I agree physical activity requires a higher carbohydrate intake, but no one with any sense is really denying that. There are very specific benefits to fat oriented diets such as ketosis. I think the jury is still out on the possible negative effects of carb/sugar intake on different systems in your body most notably long term neurological health. And people are reworking their understanding of fat and its role in circulatory health. I really think that you have to move beyond a layman's understanding of biology to start to really be able to apply all the tools of different nutritional approaches to your own diet. I'm by no means an authority, but I have spent times researching out of interest for my own health, and have overcome some pretty shitty health problems using high fat/low carb as a springboard. Biology is VERY nuanced and complicated. I applaud Albert for making a statement with this piece though. And I think that most people's diets usually need work in some way or another. I also think that commercial meat production needs an overhaul.


And if anyone wants a good example of nuanced biological processes just visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin_resistance



Fiznuthian and Uniret are both pretty knowledgeable about this shit.

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