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Falling in love with Analord

Guest LoveRhino

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21 hours ago, chim said:

My ranking of the top tracks, discounting analord 10 because it's a separate beast.

                                                        analord 10 by aphex

                                                             the rest of analord by afx

                                                                 different sides of the same chocolate coin


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After all this time Deadcode still manages to give me that sense of wonder that I had when I first started listening to AFX.  I started producing because of him and after a while I was able to dissect most tracks, ie. sort of understand how they are made. But deadcode still amazes me and for me has the biggest "more than the sum of its parts" feel of his discography I think. I mean I almost forget that it's electronic music I'm listening to, it sounds so organic. It always makes me think of a fairy tale-ish forest. it's a transcendental experience


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  • 3 weeks later...

>buy all the Analords in 2004-2005

>sell them all in 2007 for cash

>pirate the digitals in 2010 because I felt entitled to them having already paid once

>suffer from panic attacks and a moral crisis of sorts for a lot of reasons in 2020

>learn about "first sale doctrine" in copyright law (you can't sell a record and keep digitals of it). Analords cannot be mine.

>baleet everything that is not either physically in my house or digitally purchased. All pirated booty overboard.

>7 months later and the withdraw is hitting.

>Bleepstore online for nearly 4 years and no Analord

"Feel like pure shit just want her back x"

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  • 7 months later...

Murky, damp weather (check) Very mild hangover (check) Feeling lazy in my comfortable chair (check) Half a dozen brewskis in the fridge (check) Definitely it’s time to turn the key on the Analord engine and fire up the beast.




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  • 4 months later...

Back when Rephlex was still up, I sat for months thinking...

Yeah but I don't get anything physical for my money so left them. Now is the time to go through as I've accepted the fact I will never get proper release... How many hours of new RDJ, a shitload as only got chosen lords & 10 pic disc.

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