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New stuff from debut EP


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Yo! Kudos on EP. I listened to the 3 tracks. Nice stuff. Random crit tingz: Overall, pretty nice aesthetics to the beats and general EQ vibes, but the narratives sort of felt lacking. I kept wanting to be taken somewhere but felt that I wasn't taken very far from initially presented themes. Especially with some parts that have bass and notes, go up a few notes, then back down- repeat- it's kind of hard to tell a forward moving narrative like that, without the usage of supplementing melodies or bass/note changes (or chord progressions). But in general, definitely got some sweet ideas rolling around.

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Not the sort of thing that's usually up my alley, but I enjoyed it more than I expected. I'd suggest in the future maybe trimming the tracks a little bit, but I enjoyed the release altogether. Keep it up.

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