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2014 Walking & Hiking Companion Audio Recording at 125bpm

cloud capture

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Link to stream: http://www.mixcrate.com/utilitarianaudiotapes/2014-walking-hiking-companion-audio-recording-125bpm-8913237

link to download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/4zlfnw


1-Ulrich Schnauss-A Strangely Isolated Place
2-Distal-Frozen Barnacles
3-Aphex Twin-minipops 67 (120.2)(source field mix)
4-Soul Oddity-Welcome Back To Earth
5-Cloud Capture-captureclouds p2
6-V.L.A.D.-Roll X
7-Aphex Twin-wet tip hen ax
8-Dynamix [email protected]
9-Mrs Jynx-Sci Fi Sofa
11-Tipper-Pringle Guts
12-Dave Monolith-Farewell Frenchman
14-Soul Oddity-Freq Shift
15-Boards of Canada-Sundown
16-Boards of Canada-June 9th
17-Clark-Night Night
18-Team Sleep-Live From The Stage
19-Radioactive Man-up in the air
21-Barry Long-A journey in Consciousness

The first minute of the audio is for stretching your legs out while looking up at the sky and mentally preparing yourself for the journey.

Once the beats begin please start walking at the pace of the music. Sway your arms at or near the 125bpm pace to experience this recording properly.

This recording is suitable for easy hiking or moderate walking between 2.8-4.1mph at full stride with an average distance of 1.25-2.1 miles.

This audio recording is meant to be enjoyed on Sentry Sport Hooks Clip-On Digital Earbuds from your local Dollar General Store. Thank you and walk safely.

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