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separate effect from the source (reason users)


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Hi guys, since we are nerds, lets get into nerd stuff


i'm trying hard to separate a reverb effect generated by a "chenille chorus ensemble" from its source,

but it can be the RV7000 or even a delay


i of course started to create a parallel stem, but the source is always there


like you scream on a mountain and you only hear your echo and not the screaming, i want this remaining sound


i know some gears and other software are doing that, was certain it was piece of cake with Reason but i spent almost a week trying,


any brohelp would be amazing and will get a free hug





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If you want to do what I think you want to, it's pretty simple. If you look in the file menu you should find the option: Bounce Mixer Channels. If you click on that it should take you to a checklist of the channels you want to bounce among those listed are the effects section, with each individual effect you've used available for bouncing. If I understand you correctly this should be just want you are looking for.

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