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Wow, I really like sanded! The bg noise you have on there is very interesting, I wish it sounded a little more like something I couldn't quite put my finger on instead of me thinking that it's a drill, even if it isn't, y'know? And great job on keeping the piano so simple throughout. Reminds me of Tim Hecker with less effects.


I had to listen to beatstrap twice to tell if I liked it or not, I don't know what that means to you, I was probably just distracted the 1st time. Your sounds feel warm and unique enough that I feel like you've definitely created this and not slapped together presets like some. I appreciate that you didn't drag the track out and instead let it be a simple short piece. Very nice to have such a compact idea, distilled down to it's necessary moments only.


i just followed you on sc, keep up the good work!

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After trying to make electronic music... I really love the purity of the Sanded piece. I love Tim Hecker, but I wasn't really thinking of that when making this.


Beatstrep... I do like the short, condensed aspect of it. Though I feel like it needs to be longer... or maybe I should just move on...

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Beatstrep, React More and Sanded are my favourites.


Beatstrep in particular has a great flow, variety of sounds and has better sound quality. Good work!

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      Tempo would increase periodically.

      This is a work in progress.

      I would love to hear your feedback on this.
      No detail is too small for my attention.
      This is a learning process.
      My goal is to sound 'professional' but at the same time bring something fun, surprising and out of the ordinary to the table.
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      It could turn out badly, who knows.

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