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So I heard about this site https://splice.com/


It looks interesting, it shows you apart from the song the actual arrangement and the plugins used in the project.


What do you think of it? For me it's a pretty cool idea, and it's fun and somehow inspiring to look how people make their tracks, but it also tells me that the "lonely bedroom producer" lifestyle may be no more.

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      What is Splice?
      "Splice, still in beta testing phase, has been developed in conjunction with Ableton, the music production and live performance software. Fundamentally Splice is a cloud service with music production in mind, the focus has been to enable users to collaborate on the same project at the same time in different locations. Beyond collaboration, you can rework or remix any public track on the site. This will be a huge benefit for everyone from the bedroom hobbyist to the seasoned professional."
      Also being released for Logic and Fruityloops
      All you need is to be working on the same version of your DAW and have all the VSTs used in the project and it's as simple as saving it to the cloud and opening it on another computer.
      You can also set projects to be completely public so everyone in the Splice community can check out your projects and remix them or learn from them. There's tutorials going up for all different styles of music and big name artists are loading up some of their projects.
      It's closed beta and I've got only a few invites but we can figure out a way to web them out so everyone can get in on this.

      Send me a PM because I might not frequent this thread
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