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Dalglish - Dorcha Aigeann

Guest bitroast

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Guest bitroast





150g transparent clear vinyl with white label enclosed in silkscreened PVC cover containing thumb cut slit. Includes 8.5” x 11” transparent film insert.

Play at 45 RPM. Contains two locked grooves at the conclusion of Side A and Side B.


A1 - Aois (02:59)
A2 - Onair (04:43)
A3 - Uisge (02:34)
B1 - Aonaich (05:11)
B2 - Gsm Intv 4 (01:28)
B3 - Mrin (05:11)


Matrix / Runout Identifiers
Ge-stell 01 - A / r @ D&M - APPART ADJA VVFIN PPER
Ge-stell 01 - B / r @ D&M - APPR ART NN $.


All tracks written and produced by Chris Douglas
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin
℗ 2014 Ge-stell
© 2014 Ge-stell

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last 3 under the name Dalglish or all of Chris's different aliases?

Got quite a few, hard to keep track. Still reckon benacah is the album to beat for me. Honorable mentions to the new one on Pan and Venoyn though. I usually don't have that much interest in stuff that is completely deconstructed rhythmically and melodically but Dalglish I always keep coming back to. Edited by danshoebridge
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Thanks for creating a post about this, bitroast!


I apologise that shipping to the UK and to Europe is $18. But unfortunately, USPS has a very high rates for international shipping.

These arrived to Norman Records today, and there's more distribution planned for Europe in general.

Select tracks can be heard at soundcloud.com/ge-stell. Chris has posted an additional track to his account at soundcloud.com/gntln.


You can DL WAVs for Dorcha Aigeann at ge-stell.net. DL codes will be sent out at 12 AM PST tomorrow, Tuesday, October 14.

They are also available at Juno Download.


Ata, I totally agree that Chris is among the most underrated electronic composer of our time!


Thanks again everyone.




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@Lesley, it most certainly is phenomenal in the dark. As are all of Chris' compositions and most music I like, to be honest. Cheers.


Just a quick note to those in Europe, Norman Records will be restocking Dorcha Aigeann. They have sold their copies already.

There are arrangements in place with a couple other UK distributors too. More on that as it unfolds.


In the meantime, there's a bit of a hold up at Juno proper for stocking Dorcha.

It appears they tally the number of users who click the 'E-Mail Me When Released' button and provide info.

They need close to 20 more persons to do so before taking a load. Filling out the form will expedite the distribution process there.




Thanks again for listening x

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Friends in Europe, Red Eye Records in the UK will have it in shortly: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/57919-ge-stell-01-dalglish-dorcha-aigeann


In US, you can now order from Experimedia: http://experimedia.net/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=1&products_id=14053


And WAVs for Dorcha Aigeann (Ge-stell 01) are also now at clone.nl D\G\T\L: https://clone.nl/digital/item2598790.html


Cheers, and thanks for reading. Hope this gives everyone interested enough options :)

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Got this from norman yesterday. Pretty fierce stuff, definitely at the harsher 'sound design' end of his catalogue - reminds me of the rashad becker album in places.

Amazing production as always though - there's a bit where the 2nd track 'splits' and hard-pans that really messes with my head.

Edited by danshoebridge
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Guest bitroast

this EP is so good.

super dark, heavy dense stuff.

only posting how good it is NOW because it's taken awhile to listen to and get my head around..

but yesss. this is great stuff :)

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      Seaes - Seaes II (4CD Boxset) (AKA Chris Douglas, Dalglish, Scald Rougish)
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