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Trying to id song I saw on TV


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So, I saw this music video the other day, which was kind of neat compared to the other stuff that is usually on, but I didn't catch the artist/song name. It was a glitchy/trip hop/footwork/electronic track that would probably fit on the Ninja Tune label, somewhat in the vein of FaltyDL or Phonat:



I believe the entire lyrics consisted of a sample saying "money", which was looped many times over in the beginning of the song. The visuals had some resemblance with Phonat too, although the style was less abstract and more realistic, incorporating real life recordings. It included a bunch of chopped up footage of a table, a statue/bust, three skulls, etc. The skulls were melting and the bust exploded into CG triangles.


Anyway, this is quite a long shot, but maybe somebody here knows what I am talking about. Initially, I didn't think too much of it, but I have got it stuck in my head and I would be curious who the artist is.

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Kids these days with their newfangled gadgets...


No, but seriously, I only saw the video in passing, from about the middle onwards. That didn't exactly leave me with a lot of time to make the decision and whip out my smart phone. It was only later when I felt like giving it another watch, and by then my memory of it was blurry (e.g. I misjudged the genre/style a bit). Also, I don't think I would be able to improvise any of that song sufficiently well for Shazam to id it.

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