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Bonding Tapes - Quality Time Vol. 1 (Various Artists)


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Various Artists - Quality Time Vol. 1


After almost a year of planning, Bonding Tapes is finally here! And to help usher in this joyous occasion, we've released a beat tape titled Quality Time Vol. 1. Come make yourself at home and spend some Quality Time with us!


Track List:

Lex Looper - Tie Your Shoe Laces

The Koreatown Oddity - Off To The Shaman For Some Ancient Medicines

DMN SLYR - Architect Groove

We Savage - Knuck

Sonic D - Aqua

Hello Keller - Like Life

QBLA - Flatlands

Vimana Aircraft - Colorful Retinal Scan

Radio 92 - 35MPH

V N C F - (Girl) What You Gonna Do?

Dolphin Brain - 9407

Oasyum - ryoushin

EMRLDS - Mattress

SR388 - Therewolf

Zander One - Redshift

David Peck - Lunchinabag.

Tim Cosner - Feelers

Thiefinger - Hierophant

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We're starting the $3.03 Black Friday Sale a day early. Sale will continue through the weekend and on through Cyber Monday. Take advantage on this deal and own your copy of Quality Time Vol. 1 today! You can also download for free if you like. Either way you'll be supporting Bonding Tapes! Cassette can be purchased at the following link:bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/quality-time-vol-1

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