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Album Intros !??


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HI guys, i'm questioning myself about what a good album intro is,


should it be short, epic, shy, big sounding ?


do you have relevant examples ?


any bro help would be awesome



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beasties, pauls boutique:

To all the Brooklyn girls
To all the French girls
To all the Oriental girls
Chinese, Japanese

To all the Swiss girls
To the Italian women
To the Upper East Side nubiles

To all the Jamaican girls
And to the topless dancers

And Brazilian

To the southern belles
To the Puerto Rican girls
To the stewardesses flying around the world


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Raxmus from Spanners embodies everything an opening track should be, a prelude of what's to come (but not giving anything away), ingrained and inseparable from the album experience:




Actually, fuck the youtube clip, just go listen to Spanners people!

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Here are a few album intros I particularly love. If you haven't heard the albums before, I'm not sure how these are going to sound taken out of context. I've also limited my choices to actual intros, rather than opening songs.





"Best Foot Forward" from DJ Shadow's Endtroducing

It sounds like a little warmup sesh to me. A brief taster of what's to come. And I guess you could say it's a quick recap on the history of hip-hop, before the album kicks in. Sort of like, "that's where we've been, and here's where we are now." Boom, album starts.





"Gemini" from Boards of Canada's Tomorrow's Harvest

This thing is drenched with nostalgia. Sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the album.





"Speak to Me" from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Seems like an obvious choice, but I had to include it. Not only is it the perfect build up for Breathe, but it includes subtle elements from the rest of the album, such as the ticking clock from Time, the cash register from Money, the spoken word samples that appear in a few songs, etc. It acts as a transition from reality, into this new world you'll be immersed in for the next 40-minutes or however long the record is.

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^ I almost included Mellon Collie on my list, but couldn't decide whether it's more of an album intro or an actual song. Either way, it's a lovely piece, and MC is one of my all-time favourite albums.


yeah, I just had to include it as it's one of my favorite albums too. the outro for MC is great too and ties with the intro well. there should be an outro thread...

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Guest ansgaria

The intro of Mark Hollis' solo record. Just 20-30 seconds of very, very quiet room tone before he starts playing the piano. The record ends the same way. I adore the work they've put into placing the instruments within a room, so I've always felt like being in a small room with the band playing. I take the the 'silence' as an invitation to enter the room, inspect it and get comfortable. It makes the experience so much more intimate. Especially when Hollis is almost whispering his vocals close to the mic. Same goes for Talk Talk's 'Laughing Stock', a moment of the amp humming with a tremolo effect while it sounds like the drummer is setting up and testing the drums in the back of the room.

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