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    • By Joyrex
      ATP announce Made In Japan benefit concert, with Squarepusher, LFO and Fuck Buttons, plus a new, exclusive Autechre track as part of the ticket price.
      The concert will take place at the Forum in London and all of the profits will go to the Japanese Red Cross Charity in support of people affected by the disaster. We hope you can support our friends at ATP with the event.
      Afterwards, head to Warp at Bang the Box, part of Lovebox festival's Pop-Up series at Village Underground, with Hudson Mo, Rustie, Kwes and special guest Benji B going late.
      ATP Concerts presents... Made In Japan
      @ The Forum, London. 6pm-12am
      Squarepusher (improv/jam set)
      Fuck Buttons
      Guest DJs:
      Declan Allen
      Buy tickets and receive a free new Autechre track '6852'
      Lovebox presents...Warp at Bang The Box
      @ Village Underground, London. 10pm-5am
      Hudson Mohawke
      special guest Benji B
      HMV Tickets / Ticketweb
    • By azatoth
      CD 1
      01 Gantt Exodus 6:58
      02 Infernal Limit 8:36
      03 Triode Univec 4:39
      04 Transient Noire 3:15
      05 Dirac Onyx 4:17
      06 Pelton Rota 3:18
      07 Clockwerk Fatigue 4:24
      08 Phaenon Ono 4:04
      09 Ircks Argle 5:14
      10 Anamorph Iris 4:25

      CD 2
      11 Espace Fourier 4:45
      12 Sinc Response 4:37
      13 Plateaux Orthogonal 7:23
      14 Orbit Incomplete 6:27
      15 Prime Declick 2:04
      16 Delta Overload 3:51
      17 Alu Minimum 6:08
      18 Specimen Fractal 5:13
      19 Allure Publison 5:54
    • By Joyrex
      We've been blessed with not one but TWO great AE releases in a short span of time, with 20 great tracks to consume, analyze, and absorb - but overall, which one is the better of the two?
    • By Rubin Farr
    • By Zantman
      Mix of the two different 'Domino' recordings from their performance on 9 April, 2010 in Brussels.
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