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Trackermatte - Wasteland Boutique


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Trackermatte - Wasteland Boutique

01. Willow Weaver (2:47)
02. Hidden Groves (6:00)
03. Song of Susannah (5:28)
04. Aquaphone (4:24)
05. Glass Artisan (3:32)
06. Shadow Festival 3 (5:39)
07. Marshland Bouquet (8:22)
08. Midsummer Night (5:07)
09. Villager (6:42)
10. Starclapper (5:36)
11. Tingly Sorcery (4:40)
12. I'manoid (4:53)
13. Smiley Face (5:57)
14. Away On The Lake (6:56)

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I asked on fb if it was gong to be a christmas release due to the lights on the album cover.


His reply: "Much sooner than that!"


So i'm guessing this is.....


quite imminent

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Willow Weaver - a beautiful opening track that wormed its way into my ears and stayed there for most of my day at work.

Song of Susannah - The lush synth, used sparingly is quite devastatingly awesome to my ears and I just love the way he flips the melody when in wasn't expecting it.

Marshland Bouquet is also fvcking awesome


I'm proper shit at describing music. You should probably all go listen to this now, because there are many excellent tracks on here. My problem is i keep repeating the above two tracks cos they are so damn addictive, so I have only listened to the last half of the album once.


Definitely the best Trackermatte album. He's one of my top 5 artists f'sho, alongside Aphex, BOC, Plaid and Ceephax. Yes, I rate him highly!



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