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Songs By Cults and Cult Leaders


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sometimes i get the sense that most successful bands & musicians could have been cult leaders if they had really got their shit together at just the right moment in their career trajectory


don't you want devoted followers watmm


hence the term "cult following"


- rabid, close-knit fanbases with shared ethos, rituals, symbolism, etc but without the nefarious elements or authoritarian power structures

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not sure if this counts, it's basically christian insanity taken to the extreme done my yours truly. free for all- just remember, you're probably going to hell


not sure why i never posted this here before. or did i? 





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Message from the Temple
Thee Temple strives to end personal laziness and to
Engender discipline. To focus thee
Will on one's true desires. In thee belief, gathered
From experience, that this maximizes
And makes happen all those things that one wants in
Every area of L-if-E
Explore daily your deepest desires, fantasies and
Motives, gradually focusing on what you would like
To have happen in a "perfect world", a "perfect situation"
Taking away all restrictions and "practical"
Considerations. What you would really want
Then decide totry and do it
Thee mere visualization of that true goal, your true
Will, begins thee process that makes it happen
Clean out thee trappings and debris ov compromise, ov
What you've been told is reasonable for a person in
Your circumstances. Be clear in admitting your real
Desires. Discard all irrelevancies. Ask yourself, who
You want as friends, if you need or want to work
What you want to eat, what sexuality you really need
To pursue. Check and re-check everything deeper and
Deeper, more and more precisely to get closer and
Closer to, and ultimately, integrate with, your real
Self. Your individual. Once you are truly focused upon
Your self internally, thee external aspects ov your
L-if-E will fall into place
They have to
Skeptics will say that they simply don't believe this
Psychic process works. But it does
It is thee key to thee temple!

(I was there, their hat didn’t last long, 2 pink calis & a purple ohm)

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On 2/22/2020 at 12:40 PM, Rubin Farr said:

I just discovered this album, it's only from 2018 but already going for crazy money online and impossible to find:


cult sounds.jpg

i actually got this on a whim about a year or two ago. it's not that great save for the chris korda song which is genuinely pretty good and the bobby beausoleil track- but exactly how long was that guy with the family before getting busted and composing that song in prison?

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Modern amalgamations of esoteric gnosticism took a weird foothold in South America, much thanks to figureheads like Samael who synthesized an intricate sex cult in the 70's and wrote lots of crazy books. His works influenced English based movements and if you were interested in lucid dreaming or astral projection in the 2000s you may have run into websites like Mysticweb, led by an aspiring English cult leader named Mark Pritchard (not the Global Communication member!), or Gnosis USA which maintained the original doctrine of Samael (and claimed Mark was a demon). The trick was to introduce you to a weekly spiritual course that gradually drew you into an exclusive and oppressive hierarchy. Any sensible person would see the warning signs but the doctrine of ego disassimilation encouraged you not to question anything and a lot of people were hooked. The nature of the cult led former members to speak out, the English gnostic movement disbanded in its cradle and most affiliated sites are dead now. Mark tried again a few times as his cult made him a lot of money, including a sun worshipping movement, but had aggravated so many people that he's now gone into hiding offline from all the threats. But the original south American movement seems to be alive here and there. 


I also found this wonderfully kitsch intro to a Mexican show featuring Samael:



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The Gnostics mentioned above advocated monogamy, so the “sex cult” label isn’t warranted or accurate. They did have a tantric practice, based on principles common to Eastern traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, but it was clearly explained as something only for couples in their private lives. On the English form of Gnosticism, almost all the 90,000+ people who attended the free courses had a positive or neutral experience and left amicably, and neither Mark nor anyone else made any money from it as it was a registered religious charity. Most people never took on positions in the organisation, they just attended the free courses and left. The few who supposedly “spoke out” had actually been asked to leave the organization for misconduct, and only started making baseless accusations when their attempts to come back were denied. They were joined by a few other people with their own agendas, like certain religious people and others who just hated people with different beliefs. Their false claims were all addressed and refuted with evidence years ago. It was actually some of them that went into hiding to avoid accountability when they were followed-up by governmental anti-discrimination commissions.

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On 5/22/2018 at 4:39 PM, Cryptowen said:

sometimes i get the sense that most successful bands & musicians could have been cult leaders if they had really got their shit together at just the right moment in their career trajectory


don't you want devoted followers watmm

hence the term "cult following"


Some people are starting to say that’s what’s happening to Jared Leto

There are a bunch of videos and merch from 30 seconds to mars that say “yes, this is a cult”, and their fans call themselves “the echelon” and family.


I thought maybe they're just making fun of the idea but now I'm not sure ?







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On 2/28/2017 at 1:47 PM, Nebraska said:

Cult: Doomsday music from the fringes of religion




This is a mix made up of tracks and testimonies from religious groups that have been described as being cults. Some of the voices you'll hear have fallen victim to their leader's wishes, while others are testimonies, or music from the leaders themselves.



The piece that plays 7 minutes into this is freaking stellar.  Anyone know who composed/recorded/was involved and which cult it's associated with? (that's the one I'll be joining, I guess)

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found it on youtube:


Synanon Choir, formed by Jazz musician Joe Pass, from Sounds of Synanon album.

They apparently went bankrupt and dissolved in 1991

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