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CHATMM - Volume 13: 666 Problems But A Witch Ain't One

Friendly Foil

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01. Mozzarella Stick - Self-Regulators
02. Grottenolm - Hrafnsmál (14159265 Mix)
03. kosmik depris - kosmik depris
04. Richard Jonas - Chatmmcollage
05. Murderplant Gravybrains - Artifact Survey Site Log 3X7-B
06. Gray - Nell
07. Soothsayer - Face 3
08. Silver Trifolium - Staring Grain Fields
09. Purpleringed Geesecoaster - elucule
10. Hello Spiral - Ghost Thrusters
11. Salem1976 - Shame Poison (4th Dose)
12. vincent guaraldi price - thrill of the great pumpkin
13. MisterE - Welcome to My Dungeon (Enjoy Your Stay)
14. Smasm - This Man Bad On That Orgone
15. Moshpit Miscarriage - Demon Semen
16. JTPE - Confessions (Sicilian Hihats rmx)
17. Asymmetrical Head - Nanosleep
18. Glowstick Capitalism - Real Music With Real Guitars
Theme: Halloween (noise/dark ambient)

Mastering by: Mike West Audio

Cover art by: Justin Bergstrom (www.behance.net/patternoverlap)

Music by: Djeroek, Salem1976, chim, triachus, Whoopdee, QBLA, cheeseburgerwalrus, Verdant Hickies, MisterE, hello spiral, Friendly Foil, Tamagotchi San, lamourfou, juiceciuj, DorkingtonPugsly

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glad to finally get to be a part of one of these. tried a couple times in the past year but couldnt finish on time (still havent finished those tracks, heh). haven't listened to all of the comps but i think i have most of them, and the first few i checked i was surprised at how consistently good the tracks were, and have been ever since. so i think this one will be too and i had fun with the theme so im looking forward to see what everyone else did with it.

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Guest bitroast

haven't listened yet but big lol @ the album, album cover, album title, album tracklist..

the tags.


lol. looking forward to this one.

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