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Date TBA - Record Label Records - RLRTBA


Tracklist TBA




He is releasing a full length on RecordLabelRecords in 2015 <-- first time I've announced this


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sorry about the lack of updates on the site, i'll make an update today so people don't assume it's a total ghost town


I thought ghosts were part of the design aesthetic.

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Good job Robbie. I'm really excited for this. I've been sitting on that collection of tracks that was posted a while back without Wisps consent, and it's amazing stuff. Really want to be able to throw some money Wisp's way for these.

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Guest bitroast

agreed re: everyones comments. cannot wait / love wisp / been waiting for a new album for a while (sorry sporadic soundcloud tracks... love me an album I can sit down and sink into :):)

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Guest bitroast

hi guys. lots of things coming up soon. i've spent the last year meditating on a mountain top in preparation. my crystals are properly attuned.


sounds zen as fuck. looking forward :)

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    • By goDel
      Any info on this track?
      Just rediscovered it. Lovely stuff!
      Had it sitting on my HD from 2012. Supposedly posted on MySpace way earlier (2005).
      Reminds me of EOD. Or Wisp. Don't think it's AFX.
      Old/closed thread:
    • By kichiguy
      AF002 Dwaallicht - Welkin EP

      Ltd Ed Vinyl, Lacquer Mastering
      300 copies, Hand Numbered
      Releases: February 28, 2016

      Preorder: analogicalforce.bandcamp.com


      A1 HUMIDEX
      A2 32614
      B2 DEBT LOOP

      Wisp (https://soundcloud.com/dwaallicht)
      + support from:
      Microlith (https://soundcloud.com/microlith)
      Mutex (https://soundcloud.com/mutex)
      Venue : Liquid Club Malta
      Date : 25th March 2017
      Line Up : Microlith, Mutex, Naqara
      Visuals : In†rσwΣrks
      Ticket Price : €15
      This will be my only other date while across the pond, the first of which being @ Bang Face Weekender... http://www.bangface.com/events/weekender2017/
      Hope to see you there :)
    • By patternoverlap
    • By 21we4
      Hoping to find someone that would want to part with this amazing album. Title says it all. Not necessarily looking for mint, VG+ is fine. Discogs says the average sale is around 20 USD, but we can bargain. Thanks!
      Discogs profile for rep:
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