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So, Wood Between Worlds has started putting up the Autumn Harvest tapes, a batch of cassette and digital releases.


The full set can be grabbed here, and the individual releases are described below.


Spiricom - Spiricom

Imposing soundscapes, walls of distortion, arresting drones, haunting vocal loops: these sounds and more coalesce on Spiricom's debut cassette release, resulting in a strikingly cohesive and unique album. Taking influence from other genre-defying artists like Ulver, Leyland Kirby, and Current 93, these tracks utilize various styles - echoing tribal and dub techno on "Incantations" or harkening the deep ambient electronic compositions of Tim Hecker or Ben Frost on tracks like "Overpasse" and "By Myself and Others."


Ryan Harris - Endless Shadows

Horror, suspense, and enthrallment of cinematic scope. Throbbing synth pulses, hypnotic beats, and enchanting melodies woven together by Ryan Harris. Endless Shadows' sound and vision is a tribute to the scores of John Carpenter and the discography of the label Italians Do It Better.

All music was recorded back in 2010, and unearthed in 2014. All improvisational recording live on various synths with no overdubs.


Rorqual - sei/ci

Rorqual is an ambient project inspired by the Chopped & Screwed movement. The slowing, repetition, improvisation, and cassette/mixtape/lo-fi aesthetic that was integral to the sound of DJ Screw and many other purveyors of the movement is here taken to an extreme and twisted into ambience where only the ghosts of rappers and beats remain.


Full disclosure: Rorqual is my (side) project, so I'm obviously invested in that. But no matter, the Ryan Harris and Spiricom releases are both very good. Far outshine my stuff. Definitely give those albums a listen.

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Too skint to buy tapes at the mo but I gave Endless Shadows a listen a while ago and it's bloody lovely. I love the overall aesthetic as well.


Thanks for listening! I need to get in contact with some distros outside of the US - shipping tapes outside of the country costs an arm and leg :/


edit: if you like Ryan Harris he put this out last year - one of my favorite tapes of 2013, you can stream it here. He also did half of the c30 split with ATOP

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