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December 2014 - Countersunk - SUNK0006

01. I Did You Wrong

02. People From Your Block

03. Really, Really Real

04. Tighter

05. Any Age or Time

06. Inch by Inch

07. Stone Blind

08. Teenage Craze

09. 2nd Emo

10. Jonesing

11. The Permanent One

12. Be A Man



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Bought both the LP and the instrumentals. Brillant stuff. Inch by Inch is my fav of the bunch, such an amazing tune !


Too bad there won't be any digital version of the vocal versions though. Copyright issues I guess : not enough vinyle copies to bother clearing the a capella's, but that'd be a different story with a digital release I guess...

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The Instrumentals are rather lovely. Not heard the vocal versions, but not too fussed 'bout dat. Duncan Murphy makes some lush tunes. Needs more love.


It's on bandcamp just in case anyone missed it




Teenage Craze is great!!

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Just bought the instrumentals for this, it's great stuff. Shame there's no digital release for the other version alright, I'm not a fan of vinyl, don't own a record player.

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