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Aphex Twin: Read part 1 of SYROBONKERS! - an interview with Aphex Twin

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Guest jasondonervan



Interview Part 1


dave noyze talks to richard d james




Information overload! So much to trawl through, puts all the interviews to shame... thought it deserved it's own thread as there is doubtless a ton of discussion points to come off the back of it. And only part 1! Dave Noyze, you are spoiling us... :cattears:



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First question about the origin of the title and the cover and the answer is a ramble on scary acid trips... This is gonna be a long long read


edit: fucks sake




Well you know you gotta play with the conventions ain't ya, also though, I always kinda fantasised about what it would be like to have kids and get married etc, I know I probably will never do that, so I guess it's nice to pretend that you've done it, my russian girlfriend was flattered when I started pretending we were married, a lot of people now think we are married which is funny and we just play a long with it most of the time, we had an imaginary wedding and have imaginary kids.



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holy shit the alt version of avril 14th is beautiful.




dave: speculation abounds regarding follow up releases, the watmm forum already has a thread going about it :


are the titles accurate? what sort of new material can we expect from u in the future? do u have any hints or timeframes for other releases?

rich: no, fuk knws where they got that from, yea well loads planned hopefully i wont get sidetracked, more experimental stuff and robotic/electro mechanical stuff, its all pretty much ready to go, so just got to master it.

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simply WOW!!


Alright! Monday saved.


monday pwned rather. in a good way! that is a shitload of reading (and :music: )to do...


good way to start the week !


absolutely! and i've got the whole week off. good times, yeah?! :aphexsign:


i'll say it again: WOW!!!

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Wow. Incredible. Read the whole thing as fast as possible, even skipping some of the really detailed technical parts ('really boring,pointless, normal cunt shallow vacuum brain person alert shite!! :)' ) but still took me more than an hour.

Too much good stuff in this really. Thanks Dave and mostly Richard for this.

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also ive recorded breaks and certain sounds ive made over the pa in sound checks and used that in tracks or then played it out over the pa again at the gig alvin lucier style but more epic scale.


what a cool idea!...

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"Its kind of a bit depressing really as warp just told me if i give them something completed by the end of this week it will be out in january!"


come on warp, get your shit together.


he should just release stuff on bandcamp or something like that.

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