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Aphex Twin: Read part 1 of SYROBONKERS! - an interview with Aphex Twin

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I think the music/art thing is that hethnks it's sad that the YouTube quote suggests people no longer consider music to be art - just some functional thing.

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maybe if we hash it in sha-256 it turns out to be an *.i2p adress

I doubt warp cracked sha-256 as a promotional stunt


They said the same about the blimp.


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so wtf happened to the first part? only just got back from a major web shortage and i only had a chance to skim through it. it is archived somewhere right??

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check the part two thread. a few pages back from page 16 several times over people have linked up the tracks in a zip and the interviews in a d/l. Thank goodness for watmmrz ey.


The aggregate of the speculation as to why it was taken down is that it had some out there stuff in it (out there for normals and people that take things too literally, the humourless, the media), so it was decided to pull it. It probably won't be hosted officially on watmm as there has been no permission given so grab it now before trying to find it becomes a dire chore from hell.


Why'd you have an web shortage btw ?

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