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Just found an interview from last summer with the label boss of Hypercolour, Jamie Russel. When asked what is on the horizon he said this:


TM: So what’s on the horizon?

JR: We’ve got amazing releases coming from some legends of the scene. We’ve just done an album with Luke Vibert and we’re following that up later this year with a new Kerrier District album which is in and it sounds amazing.

Source: http://www.themetropolist.com/music/latest-news/label-me-jamie-russell-hypercolour-records/

I'm hyped as hell about this! We've got the Amen Andrews EP upcoming on Blueberry, more EP's on Hypercolour and Luke also mentioned a new Planet Mu album and another Wagon Christ album somewhere in the future too, so it's absolutely going to be a great time!



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[email protected]*k Yeah!!!


Love that first LP!!!


Didn't really feel the 2nd... maybe it's time to revisit.


Anyway, thanks :beer:

What about the third? I think that is one of the best EP's he ever made :) I'm seriously hoping for more vibes like that on this new record.

I need to catch up more then lol


Cheers :)

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Yeah the third one was great alright. But alas twas vinyl only which ceriously chafes mine buttocks to this day.


Luke if you're reading this just release KD3 on digital, take my money, I'll delete the bootleg off my hard drive, everyone walks away and nobody gets hurt. K?

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The fact that in this easily distributable in high quality age, that people still make music hard to obtain in obsolete formats, grinds my gears. In the future looking back, historians will be most wtf about it all.

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Kerrier district 1 is _amazing_.


On kerrier district 2 .... yeah, dat ceephax remix.


Kerrier district 3: no vinyl, didn't listen.


kerrier distrct 4: super excited!


The world is changing and becoming incomprehensible. I understand those that found times simpler and more honest before, those who like the thought of a limited release that vanishes.



that said, I'm currently slsk'ing the fuck out of Kerrier district 3.



K k K k K

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Excellent news! Luke + disco can do no wrong.


I would put KD1 alongside his absolute best work - that album is phenomenal from beginning to end. So happy I managed to get a copy of the 3xLP at a reasonable price recently.

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Kerrier district 3: no vinyl, didn't listen.





I meant I have nothing to play vinyl with.


It was a lie though, as the truth is more sad: I simply wasn't excited about the youtube samples and forgot about it...



(I just listened again, and decided I'm a retarded asshole (release sounds pretty good).)

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