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Interesting! I really though it was just going to be an EP. This is great news.

Nothing new though, it was described as an album at the first announcement back in November :)


This though: With 4, Vibert is said to be inspired in part by the cult-classic 1978 Black Devil LP Disco Club




Might just get the CD because of the bonus tracks though, although I should get the vinyl too...

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14 new KD tracks, bring it!!


Still want Vol. 3 to come out on a non-vinyl format but not holding my breath. So much quality on there, Dick is so brilliantly constructed & def a top-10 Vibert track for me


Also is this Black Devil Disco Club album worth checking out and do I need to reup my hipster credentials first?

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Oh most definitely. If you like the KD albums, then Black Devil is right up your alley. They've made a few comeback records since the resurgance of interest in the original too, and those are fantastic as well. Top notch disco freakout jams!

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