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Ambient Clark

Guest trananhhung

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Guest trananhhung

Now that Christopher has delivered Clark wrapping it with the breathtakingly beautiful Everlane track, I want to make the perfect ambient Clark tracklist.


Tracks that start with drums that quickly fade away don't count. Pure ambient, guys.


Let the ambient war list begin.

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Guest totemcrackerjack

Here's some more:




Frost Investigation

Caveman Lament + Fossil Paste (the depression epic!)

I guess Pleen 1930s if we're counting that style.


Oh, and how could I forget Dew on the Mouth? Such a great opener to the monster that is Mathew Unburdened.


Fun Fact: The title 'Mathew Unburdened' refers to Matt Burden, the guy who's done the artwork for several of Clark's LPs and EPs


http://www.mattburden.co.uk Don't explore if you were planning on going to sleep anytime soon.

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My favorite ambient track he did is still unreleased. It's one of my favorites if not my favorite thing he's ever done. Hope it comes out one day...



Broken Kite Footage

Robinson Crusoe

Lysergic Plane

Skyward Bruise/descent


Fractal Dismembered

Guy Fawkes / Night Night


The Sun Too Slow

Dove In Flames




I'd count Absence too and Observe Harvest can go either way.

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