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Richard D James SoundCloud - A Gift To The Fans

Guest crowndicey

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I don't think he's released any songs that are post 2001 yet


That's wrong. A couple of the tracks are definitely from 2014.



Something about this rx11, its shit but i just love using it..ive used the sounds in so many tracks, looking fwd to using it more as well,ha ,all the drums in the Marchromt track, originate from an rx11 :)

just did another workout on it recently, here[]


T13 Quadraverb:

just did a quik test on QVerb last week here, this is just din sync dr110+quadraverb , circlon, so u can hear quadraverb in bit diff light, not got many files on this laptop.

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Good Lord, so many killer tracks, this is going to take months to digest. And I'm loving the live recording of 'Pulsewidth' posted earlier, and the 'Heliospan' live version on Soundcloud. AFX live album?


I dug out '26 Mixes For Cash' this week on the back of all this, I'd forgotten what sweet stuff is on there too. Did that ever come out on wax?


At the moment the idea of listening to anything that isn't RDJ seems laughable. Why would you? Like having Nescafe when you know you've got Millicano in the cupboard.

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Guest Londonskater

Like having Nescafe when you know you've got Millicano in the cupboard.








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Can anyone upload the Girl/Boy dark version? I missed that one and god damn do I want to hear that...



Thanks!... Damn, this is eerie in the minor key, I love it!


So did he switch the whole thing into a minor key for this version?

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Are people copying down the descriptions on the tracks? I have a note with them all, at least I think I have them all.


The main thing this event has done is remind me that I need to listen back to stuff I haven't listened to much.


I like seeing people talk about a track & going to listen to them for the first time. I've been listening to tracks piece by piece.


Depression has made it hard for me to get excited for things for so long. Richard's recent activity has been bumping me back into being capable of getting hyped. I am grateful. I hope I can keep the positivity going for a while.


I need to put them on my iPod in a proper order.. I think I'll just put them as close to upload order as I can and dig in. But what about Girl/Boy Dark Version & Red Calx? Shruggo. I don't think it matters now, people will figure out good ways to order things.

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I did some retagging of the first batch and uploaded them again as well as the new ones. I've made two archives so if you're looking for the last 40 you can download just those separately.


Tracks 1-112: https://mega.co.nz/#!sMBh1RRR!LteXZWa0-a-p1-TwjWnxIA_3cc6gtQMCdUvGb50gguI

Tracks 113-152: https://mega.co.nz/#!pJB1lQTQ!vwx_WR4-KAFLxJovJMMEjVxB_f9MUpiGZd85f8-8B68


File names are still as downloaded from Soundcloud, I took some liberties with the tags though.


Artist and Album tags for all tracks are now 'AFx' and 'Sc' respectively. There's some extrapolation or assumption on my part that that's what would have been used for the earlier files as well if he'd planned ahead on making them downloadable, and for the sake of uniformity I've ignored the few exceptions in the last batch that had different or no tags.


Track numbers are still the order they were uploaded in, and the title tags as on Soundcloud (i.e., including the numbers, and any capitalization or other differences from the file name). Comments and artwork for each track are in the tags too. Not included are the hashtags from SC (there are very few that aren't "afx" or "early afx" or similar anyway) and any tags from the original files besides the comments (e.g., the Traktor or iTunes stuff).


I've also stopped using the Total Tracks tag as there is/was no predetermined number of tracks anyway, and this way if he decides to ever upload anything again, I don't have to go back and change the older sets. Unless something happens that gives me the urge to revisit the tags of course.


Again, if anyone downloads this, it would be nice to let me know if I messed up somewhere (missing or bad files/tags/whatever), with so many tracks it's getting easy to overlook things.


Thank you!!!!

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Are people copying down the descriptions on the tracks? I have a note with them all, at least I think I have them all. [...] I think I'll just put them as close to upload order as I can and dig in. But what about Girl/Boy Dark Version & Red Calx?

This spreadsheet probably has everything you're looking for, including the upload order for those two deleted tracks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ouNaaVrNp60Ib34Kp0TO1n1XSc7-9DvfiZ9ZiTiD2c/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0

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Yowza! :music: Those cottage tracks have a special freakish wizardry to them. I agree with, I think it was John Ehrlichman who pointed out they have similarities to the 2 Analord 10 tracks which are some of his best IMO.

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the order with 2 deleted tracks:


8 Utopia
Original Chaos Riff
22 Pearls
Quad Rave TEAC
20 Pink Floyd
Parking Lot
1 Chink 101
24 Squalitude Acid
Red Alert
16 Fresher + Cleaner
Afx origTheme / afx theme
GPO Beat
Pump The Shit
Sams Car
9 Square Dance
10 Bcr78
40 Lannerlush Full
39 Fnkmg
Renalgade Sonar
17 Kids Beach
Martins Car LPF
1 Human Rotation
6 Plinky Plonk[orig]
8 Knife Fork Freq
mooow [Dixons Theft mix] / dixons theft -mooow
Mental Telepathy
34.5 P.e
glockenspiel TEAC
19 Ssnb
2 Xame Filtered
13 Short Mental Afx
14 07 B
17 Alis Trak[brain floss mix]
20 Vtnm
21 Vtnm2
7 Clapstab Ab6
8 World Waver Ab6
11 Donkey Rhubarb Remix
18 With My Family
1 nocares
7 ∂ƒ∆ [rough mix]
2 ∂ƒx 126b
3 gerald Remix
12 Rough Beat Tune
13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig
16 Bpjdrop Forge [pump up the jam mix]
71 1st bank Trac
11 Early Morning Clissold
12 Space Beat
13 barbarella on microdots / barbie1
21 Hapshifter1
1 P - String
11 Slo Bird Whistle[peel Sesh]
15 Bradley Jam Pump
1 70`s Tune
2tone[camborne college mix]
ep string / bell bass
Dance And Play
Fork Rave
How Much I Wanted You
Lanner B4 Ardkore
Nova Robotiks
2 Pcp 2 [unreleased Version]
23 moodular3[live gig] / 100m 3
14 Moodular Acid[pissflaps mix]
9 leeds orbit[live] / 100m 2
10 Shit Smothered
5 Acid Misc
8 Lush Ambulance 2
(vocoder disco)
4 Ny Groove
6 Fly Beats
12 Phuqed Up
15 Twister
11 Phlangebeat
25 funnel / arrd
14 Make A Baby
26 5 [demo] / 5 1
8 Metal Beat
24 Afx 71 1
5 Girl Boy Dark Version
7 Cutting
5 sline / jap flute energy rave
4 Red Calx
35 Japan
28 organ epic
37 [bicycle Wheel] / off key [bicycle wheel]
21 Forgotten T
6 Step Up To Cornwall
3 hollow alias ab6
4 how to science ab6
5 How To Science 2 Ab6
2 Dual Acid Ab6
4 Red Calx[slo]
7 lsb [slo] / lush slow blips
19 [slo]w early morning clissold sunrise / slow early morning
luke vibert spiral staircase [future music competition] [afx remix] / vibert remix 5 edit max c
Phase Acid
4 Bonkophone2
Thy're Here Aahha
9 Wind Squidge
bob Morgan
5 Strange Rhythm
4 Frequency Transmitter
16 Shit Squidge
19 Bradley Echoes
33 Jonny Hawkes Broken Guitar[not Finished]
37 Last Clissold Maybe
15 Sekonda
D15 - 8 Ny Groove2
D15 - 10 Dulcimer Dub
33 Synthi Rhy [q]
(watery big ez) / (water)
D17 - 5 Synth Bonus Beats 1
Th1 [slo]
blue carpet
14 Floating∞
Cmarth [longer] / carn marth remix
(mature raver)
23 Lush Acid [pt1]
5 heliosphan live
Notting Hill Bus
179 brk 2
T13 Quadraverb
Cottage3 E
Cottage4 Af 1

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I'm still trying to recuperate from this month of madness. After so many years of zero Aphex, all of a sudden I don't have enough time in the day to listen to ALL the new stuff from Syro to the EP to the Soundcloud "dump" (yes we should change the title). I have to say though I always loved delving into Aphex's albums and listening to them individually as a complete body of work. I'm finding it hard to get into SO many tracks without a solid album identity supporting them. Any chance of anyone making a couple of cohesive "albums" with all this stuff? Not talking about a "best-of" compilation, but rather something that gels with its ups & downs and weird interval/throwaway tracks etc. I don't know, maybe it's just me...

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Guest BunnyRabbit



Can this be edited?I mean Can I edit it?


The break in PrncDMC (and one of the breaks in Pink Floyd) is the previously discussed funky drummer break from Run's House by Run DMC. The spreadsheet wrongly attributes it to Nautilus. And it's driving me crazy.

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and again thx to whoever made the mega file of all tune pack



it's currently updated right ?

it seems


megafile dude, i love you



edit: yes it's updated last one is Cottage4 af 1


that's my one, you're welcome!


Also wanna say thanks for that one.

But i think i will try and edit one part in all of those...


Album. And use the user48736353001, instead...

But really good tagging and all. Thanks.

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Alright. Yeah. Its hard to tag this right and everybody will tag diffrently. ;)

But nice that details was in the files. Comments, etc etc.

But i just changed it to user48736353001. Thanks for uploading. Now im gonna listen to some afeex. ;)

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