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Richard D James SoundCloud - A Gift To The Fans

Guest crowndicey

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18 minutes ago, diatoms said:

what do they say?


I've got these on perma-repeat. LOVING BOTH!!

I realize more and more that I don't share the same tastes with many of the RDJ fans.

I like the deep melodic grooves. These are SO in my wheelhouse. Easily right up at the top of the whole dump for me, so far.

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@trenched: I have nice stories about them at gigs, here's one, My M&D drove to a gig of mine in Bristol [Thekla], stopped on the way to ask 2 lads if they knew the way, they said, 'yeah were going there', so my dad said 'oh get in, we'll give you a lift' [he used to give hitchhikers lifts a lot anyway] and when the lads were in the backseat, they saw the AFX logo my mum had put on the dashboard, my mum said they looked confused, like why two old people would have that in their car, so they asked 'sorry, but why do you you have that logo? ', my mum said 'because he's our son!', 'Son!' they replied 'he's our god!' my dad used to love to tell that story..
Haha, Nice:)
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They sound like are in the same key... and (judging by the leading/trailing "tape"/ambient noise) it almost sounds like both tracks were spliced from a single take, or at the very least, a similar mix.

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