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Richard D James SoundCloud - A Gift To The Fans

Guest crowndicey

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The thing that really comes across through these tracks is how effortless music creation is for him.


Indeed, this will drive me to madness!



He's made alot of tracks, clearly. It sounds like he really did make hundreds upon hundreds, so there's alot to be said for practice!


yeah, and when it's your fulltime job, you'd kinda get pretty good at it!




oh man, ∂ƒx 126b.. so fucking good



fake edit: and gerald remix!!

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Guest cult fiction

Love hearing him exploring all the different styles, so many 1-off tracks in his back catalog seem to have a handful of tracks in that style




is my favorite so far, it's like a mashup of z-twig and bbydhyonchord


the people in the comments who are doubting authorship must be seriously ignorant of his back catalog, every single one of these tracks sounds like afx even if some of them only sound like a 1 off

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He is delivering us his music we have waitet for in our whole life on a 2-3 days period and it keeps coming!! Never gonna get to sleep this week! King RDJ

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Please tell me someone is ripping all this audio from the user4873633001 SoundCloud account, before it inevitably gets taken down.


Wish granted, albeit 128 kbps

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so i haven't read this entire thread. what are standouts, ?


Biggest standout is the 4 hours and 36 minutes of unreleased AFX, so I would start at the top.


my favs are:

Sams Car

34.5 P.e

19 Ssnb

18 With My Family

7 ∂ƒ∆


but I don't think there's a dud here.

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so i haven't read this entire thread. what are standouts, ?

pretty much everything imo


fair enough, great tracks here


i wonder what equipment he used on the very oldest tracks. i'm getting a haunting vibe off many, probably just the reverb he used...


edit: and the detuned sounds


Edited by yek
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