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Something little in progress for the band. 1:22


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Basically this is a song that I've had floating around in my head for about six months, there was an early version in Buzz but it didn't sound right, so tonight I decided to see what it would sound like with a more live band sound. Everything in this recording was played by me, my skills on the drums are still a little substandard but I think I'm getting better!


There are other sections and melodies written for this, but this little snippit was all I had time to record. Perhaps on the weekend I'll be a little more productive.


I predict this is going to be another long track like Plasma Cuts, possibly around the ten minute mark, I've just written so many different permutations for it, though maybe I should keep it to the best parts..

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I like it, it has a similar feel to "cody" by mogwai.


Thanks! Yeah, that was quite unintentional, I wrote the chord progression late last year, and bought Government Commissions a couple of months ago, and then thought 'Ah, godamn!' when I heard Cody and New Paths To Helicon Pt.1 .. Ah well, I hope I won't get too much criticism about the track being a Mogwai clone, I'm gonna finish it anyway, since I've dedicated myself to writing so much for it!

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