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Tales from Beyond the Mushroom Cloud


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Here's an ambient/experimental mix I did for my radio show on Future Music
If any wants to send any mixes my way for my show get in touch.
Northern Plastics – Destroyer of Worlds [bandcamp]
Ryoga – Naked For No One [bandcamp]
Radiohead – Like Spinning Plates [XL Recordings]
Gavin Miller – Manuskript 2 [This is it Forever]
Faex Optim – Crimson [bandcamp]
Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Requiem [invitation]
Cristobal Tapia De Veer – The Experiment [silver Screen/Kudos]
The Gasman - Waltzer [Planet Mu]
Lunatic Calm – Fuse [MCA Records]
Juche – Random Pop [bandcamp]
Northern Plastics – Poison Arrow [bandcamp]
Northern Plastics – Last Sunrise of a Dead Man [bandcamp]
Aether Pilot – Trigger Process [bandcamp]
Aphex Twin – Window Sill [Warp]
The Jaffa Kid – Iss Biss Tiss Wisss [Recycled plastics]
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