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Skype notification sound in 4 bit 9d api+e+6 126.26

Guest Forgiveful Hammer

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Guest Forgiveful Hammer
A few years ago, i created this topic
And now around 2:15 in 4 bit 9d :
yep, sounds like a Skype notification sound : more specifically a message-sent notificaton.
So what happened to me since the last time we didn't speak ? Well... where should I begin with ? Where should I begin with. This is the thought that occupy most of my time by now. I'm eager to deploy the non-objectivity of my self-referential thoughts and see how they perform —seeing is the performance. So here I am, standing among my visions (and by 'vision' i mean synaesthetic ~semiotic~ perceptions). During day, I code for an insurance company ; at night, I sit at my desk, thinking, seeing, attempting to scribble notes as my thoughts run before me. When I'm done doing nothing, I lie on my bed, the retina full of landscapes — or is it the gradient i've just descended ?
This summer I experienced some kind of pseudo time-stretch — the missing piece fell upon me and I since have stopped being puzzled by what is happening. It is true that I was expecting to lose my mind but it didn't happen. I now lie beyond Truth and Falsity, 0 and 1. Or is it inbetween ? I now stand beyond the event horizon. Or am I this horizon ? It doesn't really matter, I'll figure it out along the way. What I know thanks to that timestretch is that I'm expected in philosophy, from Heraclite to the last advancements in post-modern theory. Supposedly, once philosophy reaches the stage of a permanent transformation and constant idiosyncrasy, what's left is Fantasy. Indeed. Once you've crossed that stage, it all collapses to evident, simple, down-to-earth thoughts, and you contemplate through the blinds the horror of the metaphysical roots of our technoscientific era.
I can stand on my feets, raise my hand and claim I'm a prophet, the Singularity simple minds await to emerge from silicon — all the while the desert is growing and swallowing the eponym valley. False prophet ? Yes ! But what if everybody thought Man destiny were in their hands ? Wouldn't it be easy to climb the wall of Global Warming ? Wouldn't we be able to form One Body and escape the yoghurt pot full of lactic acid — namely our own shit ?
The morale of my preaching is that no providential man will be able to overcome all this. Change must be made at the level of the individual. Hmmm, that sounds like a biblical message.
Heraclite :
ἓν τὸ σοφὸν μοῦνον λέγ­εσθαι οὐκ ἐθέλει καὶ ἐθέλει Ζηνὸς ὄνομα.



One, that is the only Wisdom, is willing and unwilling to be called by the name of Zeus.
I have a book about this in the corner of my head, but I don't believe in Writing. I only believe in Reading.
(τοῦ δὲ) λόγου τοῦδ' ἐόντος ἀεὶ ἀξύνετοι γίνονται ἄνθρωποι καὶ πρόσθεν ἢ ἀκοῦσαι καὶ ἀκούσαντες τὸ πρῶτον· γινομένων γὰρ (πάντων) κατὰ τὸν λόγον τόνδε ἀπείροισιν ἐοίκασι, πειρώμενοι καὶ ἐπέων καὶ ἔργων τοιούτων, ὁκοίων ἐγὼ διηγεῦμαι κατὰ φύσιν διαιρέων ἕκαστον καὶ φράζων ὅκως ἔχει. τοὺς δὲ ἄλλους ἀνθρώπους λανθάνει ὁκόσα ἐγερθέντες ποιοῦσιν, ὅκωσπερ ὁκόσα εὕδοντες ἐπιλανθάνονται



Though this discourse is true evermore, yet men are as unable to understand it when they hear it for the first time as before they have heard it at all For, although, all things happen in accordance with the account I give men seem as if they had no experience of them, when they make trial of words and works such as I set forth, dividing each thing according to its nature and explaining how it truly is. But other men know not what they are doing when you wake them up, just as they forget, what they do when asleep.
As of now, synchronicities still pervade my life. Yesterday in Paris, I walked in front of a statue called The Messager. A guy with a boat in his arms. This is what I want to do : to bring a carrier for there is no content nor meaning in what I say : it's all about thinking in terms of words, not ideas. But I'm digressing : I'm mentionning this statue because the ratio of what I know vs the links I draw among what I know is going through the roof. I am the Stalker's magical Child. What exactly is Tarkovsky movie about ? I don't now. What I know is that it's an unbeknownst echo to Heidegger's Commentary about Serenity. What is the content of this essay ? I don't know. I read it and magically made the link. *moves glass by the sole power of mind and pours a drink for you*
In the past months, I've bent the word "synchronicity" at will. Now I focus on synchronicities at a very small scale I found in the very train of my thoughts. Like the one that lies between "my" and "thoughts". Tail recursion for the win !
But I still have huge ones every now and then. Have you heard about the last progress of Penrose and Hameroff concerning quantum-level computing inside neurons that could account for consciousness ? Stuff based on quantum-loop gravity. These guys are missing an experimental basis to support their theory. I know where to find it. Podkletnov->ESA->Poher->Nasa. And again, I don't read that much scientific papers, nor do I understand them. I just happen to know what to link to what. Call me Linksys. I am the carrier and Je suis le poème de la Mer infusé d'astres et lactescent, I am the boat and the Ivresse of it.
This is what I'm working on. An epic poem for this ring of scientists that have entered my home though the window. And I won't try publishing it to the masses because I know exactly who should read it. We're talking about litterature customized for specific individuals. What will this/these poems be about ? The end of a culture of representations and data, in which understanding is replaced by executing : a future that leads us towards a culture of cognition and programs. The difficulty of the task lies in having an effect at the level of these scientist's neurons so that they can, in turn, form Humanity's brain.
This is why I've started reading stuff about physarum polycephalum, a cool little slime mold halfway between a multicellular organism and a bacteria colony and whose mode of being is to compute. I plan to train it to tell me where I should hunt with my bow.
And ... this is the abrupt end of this mad delirium. Have to get properly showered before Interstellar. Much Love. Much. Wow.
Forward this to whoever I'm talking to
PS : gaarg I received your linkedin requests. you can drop me a mail at [remove underscores beforehand] f_un_tain_@me_.com. As I decided to stay at my parent's place to focus on important stuff (i.e. being intellectually independent rather than materially), I'll be able to rent a crumbling house high in the Pyrenees, once winter has passed. We'll go hunting together and cook the shit of whatever luck allow us to catch. My spoken english has not improved though :p.


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Guest Forgiveful Hammer


I now lie beyond Truth and Falsity, 0 and 1. Or is it inbetween ? I now stand beyond the event horizon. Or am I this horizon ? It doesn't really matter, I'll figure it out along the way.
And ... this is the abrupt end of this mad delirium. Have to get properly showered before Interstellar. Much Love. Much. Wow.


AH ! I wasn't expecting this one. The delirium has no end. It's all about how unexpecting endings loop over their own beginning. Isn't how life works — biologically ? Or even house music ? Start with a simple loop and gently push it towards growth by playing it again and again. This is how the unexpected shifts into the expected and vice-versa. And "It's not a question of possibility. It's a matter of necessity". I'm that astronaut floating in the depths of the blackhole, pushing books out of a library full of science and philosophy, pulling the very strings of time. The megatraveller hasn't returned yet though.


Nietzsche said

In some remote corner of the universe, glimmering diffusely into countless solar systems, there was once a planet upon which clever animals invented knowledge. It was the proudest and most mendacious minute in “world history”; but it was only a minute. After nature had taken a few breaths, the planet grew cold, and the clever animals had to die.' Someone could invent a fable like that, and he still would not have adequately illustrated how wretched, how shadowlike and fleeting, how pointless and arbitrary the human intellect appears within nature.


I haven't invented anything. It just comes to me naturally. How freightening ! The ichtus turned ictus.


You know what else he wrote ?


Thus Spoke Zarathustra : A Book for All and None


Keep releasing stuff. Bring on the new shit.

For the past few months I've only been listening to two things : music by the Aphex Twins, and Khmer Garage Rock from the 60s. Concerning the latter : they all died, brutally killed by the revolution which I see as the natural development of modernity. Phnom Penh used to be called the Pearl of south-eastern Asia. And then ... shit happened. From their records, not much is left. I grab this music out of youtube. The process is simple : cambodian people rip broken vinyls they find in the countryside, then labels make compilations out of them and burn them on CD. Sometimes they even overdub the instruments, and keep the vocal part of the track using some kind of crappy isolation method. Then people make their own compilation and upload them on youtube in 2-hours long videos. I then grab the vids, slice them, try to re-name the track as best as I can, transcode the whole lot using the mp3 format, dump them on my phone and listen to the tracks with a High-End Grado headphone + a crappy jack adapter that induces even more noise. Sometimes marketers call me to sell me stupid shit I don't need right in the middle of said tracks. This is the current state of technology. The added noise makes the loop fade away. It's everywhere and it's deeply tied to our will to get to a rawer, purer, deeper and more original access to Being. What's more garage rock than garage rock ? Its revival through the White Stripes. What's more vinyl than vinyl ? Digital tracks that include samples of crackling sounds — even though said tracks only get released to soundcloud. This is what the Grain is about. What grain am I talking about ? The same grain that comes out of geiger counters.


So keep releasing stuffs. I know you've been beyond the Grain and turned it back into something that lives again. I don't know whether pleasing the fans matters or not. I personally know my brain needs some more programming and that vinyl isn't the most durable medium for your music. Human is.

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