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Amen Andrews - News of the World EP

Rubin Farr

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Already been talked about for a while here too :) - http://forum.watmm.com/topic/84942-amen-andrews-tba-ep-blueberry-records-101114/

I'll just quote Cellar Door from that thread in here:

Automatic Truth features in this mix by Etch. The tune starts at about 20 mins in just after Sully's Blue whose recent EP is also thoroughly worthy of your attention if you're into Jungle.



Mostly excited by the second and last track based on the previews, sounds great.

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Second track is my fave, it reminded me of old Squarepusher a bit.


Like this one, one of my all-time faves from the Square?



Also one of my all-time faves :) but basically the first minute of Amen HQ could be Squarepusher, the melody sounded similar to the melody Theme From Ernest Borgnine + the first drums that drop in that Amen HQ track also sound really Squarepushery. After that it changes in proper Vibert amenry again.

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jesus christ this is really good, not just a continuation of previous Amen Andrews stuff. something.. more advanced? in parts it sounds like Vibert channeling newer era Machinedrum. Really loving News of the World


Yes more advanced, he gave a break to remixing I mean "homaging" old jungle tracks and has now moved on to making cookie cuter '95 tracks with sample CD's. There's nothing groundbreaking other than sounding like old jungle which is fresh in some way, I guess.

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yeah i wouldn't argue with you on the point thats its not groundbreaking, but i can't think of another current jungle producer who is making music equally as catchy. I mean some of the amen break chopping itself is just very stylishly tasty, the way he juggles the different snares in the amen in the first track for example, really nice.

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Just received the 12", too bad about the butt-ugly artwork on the label but whatever, the tracks are great :)


AMOTHERFUCKaaAa! Great ep!!




am i the only one wich like also some of the spac hand luke things?

Nah, definitely not, I think it's awesome, especially the Sidthug EP.

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