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Rough and slow hardware music


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Tx81z, Mono lancet, Octatrack, Quadraverb, EPS 16+ reverb, Strymon Bluesky, Ehx memory toy, Mackie 1604 mixer:



Ensoniq EPS 16+ sequenced by Octatrack thrua a Mackie 1604 mixer:



Ensoniq EPS Classic, recorded straight into Zoom H2N from a soundcraft mixer:



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I really dig this.


Thanks! Followed you on sc, you have some really cool stuff up there.


Hey how do you like the Mono Lancet? It's a sexy little thing for sure, would love to get one sometime.

brb :music:


I like it very much! It's the only mono synth I have at the moment. Great for softer sounds, which I really like. The filter is really smooth. Get one!


Like this track too... Odd, bit dubby but cool.




Thank you! I tried to mix ambient with some type of footwork/juke beats on that one.

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Guest The Bro

Like the dirty production but couldn't get into these tracks as they were too minimal. Just wish more would happen in them although I can imagine they'd be better for late night pre bed time listening.

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