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Received my cass yesterday along with Fah. Really loving these two. Pissed that I missed Pillars Of Hermes. OR releases are so limited that they run out too fast. They should make slightly larger runs. Apart from that I'm really loving what they are doing with the label.

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It's a great release indeed, first trumpet is my favourite.


But strange (considering the quality of tunes) it's not selling as much copies as the other releases on OR, i would expect this one to be sold out already.

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Just came back to bump this.


Really solid release. Pretty unique acid lines if I do say so myself.


If you guys don't feel like buying the cassette, it's worth some money at the "name your price" option for sure.

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actually here are some more free albums


from KMPLX site: KMPLX013.zip (I will bite your style)

from NELES site: neles001_monolog_x_-_zoo_humans.zip

from SWISHCO site: sws052.zip (The Shape Of X To Come)

from NELES site: link (Like the tune a child hums to comfort himself)

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