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Anklepants - Social Patching And The Pixel Pageant Facéd Boy


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From the Love Love Records' site:


''Anklepants is an artist whose act demands a reaction from all those that witness his presence, the hysteria surrounding him having gained huge momentum since the release of his debut 12” vinyl 'SPEEK You Little Re-facéé' last year, propelled by a European tour with Otto Von Schirach and his sensational Boiler Room set. The 'SPEEK You Little Re-facéé' vinyl single served as a taster of what was to come with its 2 bombastic extended cuts (both also featuring here), and now, having sown the seeds of his message around the world, his debut CD album has arrived. Packed with live classics and brimming with his frenetic brand of mutated, electronic, anti-pop; this album marks the second step in Anklepants' world domination.

The Special Edition version of this album will come with a 2nd CD containing reworkings of Anklepants' original tracks by other artists similarly involved in carving their own paths through the modern übergründé. From acid techno and caustic jungle to spoken word ditties and opiated, shifting soundscapes, this CD not only provides a contextual backdrop for 'Social-Patching...' but also expands on the concept, as masters of their craft wield their esoteric technology to produce some of most intriguing, creative and abstract remixes of the bizarre creature that is Anklepants.''



2. The übergründé - Memorising The Names Of The Famous As Conversation Ammunition

3. Insideyourfacedubstepbeanstalktoheavenfortheatheist

4. Mönk Wün

5. Your Host Is Your Preset

6. Fucking The "Wild"

7. Icky Wicky Lollie Pop (ew fan dangle)


9. You Never Let Steve – And Welcome To My Repetition

10. Mammalian - Baby Falcors Flight To Rejuvenation

11. E=facé-c²



1. Your Host Is Your Preset (Bintus Remix)

2. Insideyourfacedubstepbeanstalkfortheatheist (Melt Unit Remix)

3. Fucking The 'Wild' (Eomac Remix)

4. Icky Wicky Lollipop (The Colonel Rendition)

5. Icky Wicky Lollipop (Monster X Remix)

6. Fucking The 'Wild' (FUKNO Remix)

7. Mammalian-Baby Falcors Flight To Rejuvenation (Valance Drakes Remix)

8. Mammalian-Baby Falcors Flight To Rejuvenation (Kraig Grady Remix)

9. Complicated Tupperware (Twocsinak Rendition)

10. SPEEK YOU LITTLE RE-ƒacéé (radio edit)


Pre-orders are available at Love Love's webshop


In case you want to listen to the tracks first this soundcloud playlist should do the job (for the most of the tracks anyways).


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