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explain gabber to me


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Guest Bourbon Surf

Enjoying the dancecore vids - will need to explore that. Dabbled a bit in the Deathchant discography years ago and thought I:Gor was pretty decent

Have to admit my favourite gabba track is still Witchhunt.... it's got that carnival malice vibe that reminds me of cyriak videos but with raw aggression.
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been to enough Teknivals across Europe to understand that if you've taken a certain cocktail of drugs, have a hormonal spike and ADHD then gabber is probably for you



it cant be justified in any other context, because its complete and utter wank for children lost on chemicals



as for Russian gabber "pyramids", it's like some re-adjusted Tartar/Cossack cultural process unifying individuals & social norms (on huge amounts of god knows what druqks)

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I used to think gabber was silly, trashy, low intelligent, and even negative energy... Now I enjoy it every now and then due to the fact that the primitive and minimal repetition and all the white noise and foldback distortion is actually soothing to my ears. So oddly, I find gabber relaxing and entrancing-sometimes though, and many tracks are pure shit of course lol. I also think it's fun and wacky to hear the over the top bravado and macho-ness of many of the DJs when they say phrases or sample dark movies etc. You find a lot of that in the Masters of Hardcore label esp during the y2k era with the fusion of hardcore and gangsta rap. But I will say to this day I love me some Virus - New Elite Force, even bought the vinyl on discogs.

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fuck me, this thread feels like ages ago


moh is still pushing the sound, i kinda have followed it on and off over the years.. there are some interesting things coming out of it definitely.. pushing the abrassivness n breakcore mash up boundaries: 





I:gor is probs still most interesting artist in the scene:




(sadly because of the dj culture is mosly only bits and pieces that are rlly interesting, the reverb on the synths at 2:21 here s quite refreshing.. if someone managed to harness that energy across 8 min a la hellfish & producer id faint)


edit: is still p shitty lol, u need to b in the right mindset for this

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No one is talking about MIXES! After all, the tracks are made to be mixed, amitrie?

This is hands down one of the best speedcore mixes out there. The whole thing is ace material.

Well worth many listens...



track list

Noizecreator* -- Manipulated Dutchman

Noizecreator* -- Lasse Puking

UK Skull Fuck* -- La Haine

Noizecreator* -- Olympic Park Bombing

Pressurehead -- 16 Clips (<-- this track is the fucking jam. the build-up to it is incredible)

Noizecreator* -- Snowball

Crusher, The* -- The Crusher's Bassdrum

Destroyer* -- What Do You Want

Destroyer* -- Rave Is My Church

David Lagon -- Wake Up Call

Extrement -- The Git Hour

Christ Of Noise & David Lagon -- Loud Bastard MED

DJ Smurf -- Cockrot

No Name -- Kamasutra

Burning Lazy Persons -- If The Truth Be Known

Amiga Shock* -- Mass Appeal Madness

DJ Narotic Vs UVC* -- Industrial Strength

BWK -- Psycho Torture

Lorenz Attractor -- Raw Toy

No Name -- Koma

Aura Exiter -- Freak

Metic -- Train Damage



the album cover is epic.


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flol that speedcore mix is great, sadly that's around when the underground speedcore hype kinda died out (2012) 


this label/channel has tried to keep the hype up with new tacks and monthly podcasts, this mix is amazon:




I really liked those I:gor tracks 



yeah,.. I'm curious how much he'll dare to push the sound


cheers for the links! another label pushing it (altough more a la hard drumnbass style) is PRSPCT:



great to see this thread up and alive :)

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the only tracks you need to know:






This genre was pretty huge in Netherland and Belgium from mid to late 90's. The word "gabber" is actually a Dutch word meaning pal or buddy. It's what those who listened to that type of music called themselves, effectively ruining the word forever. They called the genre "hardcore" but because that clashed with a punkrock genre I can understand why people refer to it as "gabber" now. A real 'gabber' used to shave his head and wear tracksuits or a bomber jacket. They usually spend their days dancing to the music in a style they called "hakken" (chopping), or being casually to uncomfortably racist. A female version of a gabber was called a 'reefteef' (ravebtich, sounds better in dutch because it rhymes) who also had distinctive hair and clothing styles.











Fun fact: some still seem to dress like this.


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The new Dolphin album is awesome


Reminds me of this track I used to listen to a while back (I mainly liked the calm intro, lol):



I agree though, the new album sounds pretty cool!

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