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Is that Syro dropcard worth a lot of money?

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Guest Chesney


Holy shit, are people really thinking about this? Why does everything have have monetary value?

These things would have cost pence to produce, in fact have a look on the Syro cover. Take into consideration that is was free and add inflation accordingly. That will be the value. Pretty much zero.

If any is trying to sell these for more than that then they are a prize cunt. People buying them are the most delusional, needy, materialistic fools on the earth.

Cool that people have a thing they like to collect, not knocking fanatics but they shouldn't have to pay the earth for pointless, worthless trinkets.

first it costs 0.24 $


second you are a narrow thinking material cunt yourself


Yep but free to the customer and how did you come to that conclusion?

All good though, I can handle being called a c**t.


Trying to sell a freebie that obviously you don't want, meaning it has no value to you, to people that (delusionally) feel it may have a collectors value to it for a very very inflated price makes the seller a C**t. Plain, simple and my opinion.

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Guest Chesney

What about the 26MFC chocolate coin wrappers? Discovered mine recently...

Worth nothing. If someone wants one for a collection then by all means give it to them. If you don't want to give it to them then you have a collectors tendancy so keep hold of it. If you do not need it then you do not need it, plain as that. You cannot need it up to a value then not need it when that value exceeds your need.

I got a free refill at Nando's but I didn't end up drinking it. I did not feel I could sell it to someone in the queue who wanted a drink.

But if someone wanted it, i'd think they were weird but they could have it.

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Guest progben

I quite like my worthless dropcard. It just sits there on my shelf looking handsome.


It's something I would neither sell, or pay for. It's value is pretty much tied to me making the effort to get out there, preorder the record, get the card etc.

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  • 2 months later...

Someday you'll be stumbling around the wrong dark ally in the wrong third world country....


A group of hoodlums will appear in the dim light to your front whilst another group materializes to your rear.


"Oh balls" you'll think. You're fucked. Proper fucked. Non-proper too. Totally fucked. They've surrounded you.


They pull out weapons and tell you to hand it all over. They're probably going to extort your family for much moneys, and they say as much in a half-known language.


You give them your wallet that says "bad mother fucker" on it. You are not a bad mother fucker. They make pulp out of your fiction and drink it for the piss it is.


(this is getting long, I'm bored)


As they're just about to slice off your balls the little shit rifling through your wallet pulls out that strange green Syro download visa and begins repeating unintelligible words to the group of hoodwinks.


[someone else finish, I quit] you get the picture

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on a day of apocalypse, this drop cards will reanimate and form a giant robot to fight for the future of humanity


if any piece is missing, people will be terminated by evil EDMBot of Skynet, controlled by dark mage of Sirlekz

era of brostep will fall upon us

sun will vanquish

badgers die



I made a guitar pick out of mine!


thanks a fucking lot!

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