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Happy 20th anniversary Squarepusher!

Bertolt Brechtakt

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:squarepusher_logo: I don't know the exact day of release but it was 1994 for sure when Squarepusher released his first two EPs into the world.

At that point he still ran under his official name of Tom Jenkinson but the Crot EP and in particular the Stereotype EP already showed where we would be heading - into some really strange future.


20 years and 39 releases later it's time to reminisce and enjoy a career-spanning megamix running through 33 of his releases at full speed. It's only one track per release, 33 tracks in 95 minutes and - as always with Bertolt Brechtakt - vinyl only (except for two tracks which are only available on CD :wacko: ).


So, bring it on and enjoy! And use proper headphones for your own enjoyment! :music::squarepusher_logo:




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That pretty much sums it up


Amazing mix, mate! The tracks blend absolutely perfectly.

Moving on to your other mixes now.

Nice one

my squarepusher, my heroe, he saves me & my life with his music ;-) Thanks


Glad you love it. And thanks for the compliments!


Tom looks pretty damn good for 20


Acid keeps you young, I guess...

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