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Adrian Belew - Flux


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It's out now! A collection of little snippits that vary between little synth/guitar experiments, melody fragments and mini pop songs. It's pretty incredible if you're a Belew fan, tbh. Surely there are others here who are equally obsessed with Belew?



Also has pretty nice dynamic visuals, and a hint of more content to be added in the future. Hooray!




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whoa. this is not so much a release as a major innovation in music. and it's belew!


it's an app that creates new mixes from a collection of stems.


kickstarter funded. there's an informative vid on the kickstarter page. they only asked for a hundred dollars, it's around 35k.


bunch of swag packages for large donations



Pledge $10,000

0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

Adrian comes to your home for an evening with you and your friends, featuring stories from Adrian's fascinating career, songs, and laughter galore. Includes an hour-long performance of acoustic music.
Only available in the continental US and Canada (or perhaps Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, or Tokyo?).
Adrian's transportation and lodging paid by the backer.
A once-in-lifetime chance to have an Adrian Belew evening with your friends and family!


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Oh right! I've only listened for an hour or so, so haven't really heard much, but I noticed some variations in the tracks that played again. I just thought they were different mixes rather than combinations of stems. It would have been super awesome if it were seamless, but it's still pretty cool!



And yeah, god damn I would love to hang out with Belew. He just seems like such a lovely dude.

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Guest bitroast

this app is relevant to my interests!! will check it later when get home : )




also, I can vouch for belew being an all round excellent dude and excellent person to hang out with.. and share a bag of salt and vinegar crisps with and talk about IDM/Squarepusher with.


if you wanna hang out with him, I would suggest looking into bringing him down to your area to play some shows. or.. have your dad do it, so you can talk to Adrian belew as a kid and not realise who he is or how awesome he is until years later.



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